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For many law firms understanding SEO is understanding rocket science. You should get several opinions especially from an online marketing company like Webslaw.
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Common SEO Misconceptions
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Common SEO Misconceptions

October 2017
Common SEO Misconceptions

For many law firms understanding SEO is understanding rocket science. Sometimes what happens is when we don’t understand something we refuse to put any energy towards it. This can be the biggest mistake you can make when designing your website. There are so many SEO misconceptions in the industry and some marketing professionals will try to steer you away from SEO altogether by using their lack of SEO understanding to persuade you from using it. You should get several opinions especially from an online marketing company like Webslaw. Here are some common misconceptions to stay away from:

1. You’re just trying to get my money, SEO is a scam.

SEO is a craft that requires time and effort along with a heavy commitment. There are marketing companies who promise high rankings using SEO and do not deliver. This is why many business owners and attorneys are wary of using SEO. Ranking and SEO implementation takes time to reap the rewards.

2. Google automatically does my SEO

Google has very strategic algorithms that our SEO team works with every day. They also make changes periodically because of studies and searches. One requirement is that content should be unique. Duplicate pages will not do well on search engines, nor will pages with an overflow of links.

3. We tried SEO one time, isn’t that enough?

No, it is definitely not enough to simply try it once. Search traffic can change and fall off over time especially without any effort applied to it. Constant SEO implementation is necessary to maintaining a site so there is no link degradation or outdated content. Even in niche markets, an analysis is required throughout the year. But a one and the done scenario is never enough.

4. You just use tricks, there is nothing behind it.

SEO is more than just adding keywords all over the place and hoping for the best. It is a science that professionals spend years learning. SEO includes more than just keywords. It includes making unique content that is more discoverable, improving user experience, optimizing for social sharing, sharing content with the right audience and understanding how search engines generate snippets.

5. Social Media has nothing to do with my SEO

It may not have a direct effect on search rankings but they do serve as a secondary effect. One main function that social media serves is as content distribution leading to link and shares. This places content in front of your target audience which will increase site visits and engagement. Also, users can share your content making it more influential and providing more backlinks.

SEO is a craft that is crucial to your search engine rankings. You can’t let anyone just come in and promise you the world and then not deliver. You need to invest in online marketing companies who have experts on hand to get you ranking where you want. Webslaw is that company, we know our SEO.