Your Pants Are Too Short-Law Firm Marketing
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Your Pants Are Too Short-Law Firm Marketing

Jun 28, 2018
Law Firm Marketing

We’ve all experienced this. For instance, I can’t stand clothing departments or stores. If I do walk into a clothing store, I already know what I need and I get out as soon as possible. Do I try on a pair of pants or jeans? No, I pick my size and I am out! Unfortunately, there are times when the brand is not exactly accurate with their sizing and I end up with a short pair of slacks.

What does this have to do with marketing and law firms? Content. Your content is too short! In fact, some of you barely have any content. It’s sickening. So really, this is no different than the brand of pants I picked and was cut short in size. Someone sold you short content and got away with it.

First and foremost, more content always outweighs less content as long as its fresh, unique and relevant to your law firm business and focus. Anyone who tells you otherwise, smirk back at them and politely kick them out of your office. Remember, brands are not always accurate in their sizing.

Quality Content:

Nothing new. Something I try to mention as much as I can, “Speak to the User” or “Speak the User’s language”. Meaning, your content must be clear but also needs to relate to the user searching for a particular phrase in the search engines. This also means that you should not try to use words that your typical client or user would not understand. I can technically get really technical with my explanation of content, holistic contextual approaches, semantic concepts and relevance of equal quality but why? You wouldn’t understand a word you read. Let’s keep it simple.

  • Quality, concise, clear, engaging and readable content is key to a successful piece.
  • Speaking the user’s language is of utmost importance. Google’s Hummingbird algorithm release precisely speaks about this.
  • Statistics, facts, myths, images and other sources of contextual content helps promote a more unique and qualified page.

So can more content (normal pair of jeans) per page be qualified as a better SEO move? My answer will always be, Yes. As long as the amount of content makes sense and flows in the right direction, I agree with more content. I’ll give you an example below:

Note: I’ve blurred the image below as I don’t want to be unfair to the law firm.

law firm

What you see on this block is a one-page car accident practice area page with 227 words. 75 words are dedicated to the closing statement for the page. Do you really think that 227 to 350 words will make a difference in the search engines? Ok, different question; If your law buddy next door has the same page at 1,000 words placed properly, who’s going to win the race? Come on, guys! MORE CONTENT IS BETTER! Period.

If you’ve got some schmuck running around telling you and others that everyone else is doing it wrong, does that make it right? No! That’s upper management brainwashing their minions into selling you an extra page of 500 words for $500 if you “really” wanted OR just looking for an excuse on how to extend your relationship with them.

Don’t get me wrong, please. In many markets, we can’t bring on another firm for specific area of law (spots filled) BUT I just think you should know that a normal pair of jeans always outweighs the brand selling you short. More content is better.

At this point, my article is at 582 words or more. It’s already outweighing the screenshot I shared with you as I have already shared more relative information than that page.

Lastly, one of my favorite topics.

Perfect Length of Content

Every blog, article and or page has a calculated amount of content it should contain. Right? Wrong! There is no magic formula to how much content any page, on any website or platform should hold. It does not exist guys. Instead, you show follow the following:

  • Page Content Goals
  • Consistency With Your Concept
  • Engaging Content for Interaction

Be smart, use logic. Take a look around you and don’t fall for a brand that won’t fit you right.

Denis Zilberberg

AKA- Night Ninja (I Will Call You Out)

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