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Blogs come in all colors and shapes. The possibilities are limitless but you should stay focused on what fits better your areas of practice. Clients generally expect some specific and simpler designs for your blog. The reason why this happens is because blogs are more content-driven. The focus is more on content rather than appearance.

Get to know you

Remember your blog speaks of who you are just like the rest of the website. You want to make it as easy and conversational as possible. Some things to keep in mind are your favorite colors, fonts, other blog designs you may like out there, and a brief mission statement. There may be some particular topics trending that you may want to explore or perhaps you choose to answer the most common questions your clients ask. Posting updates to specific laws in your state is also very helpful as this content is fresh and it also increases traffic to your website.

Avoid Clutter

Keep it simple! Simplicity is the master of all beauty and it’s also user friendly. Using clean lines in a blog design and keeping it tidy works easier on the eyes. If you are having a hard time choosing the theme, let the designers make the right decision for you. They are more experienced and will know what to suggest in your particular case. Some suggestions may include:

  • Fonts and colors matching and complimenting each other.
  • Keeping ads uniform and low-key.
  • Keep the menu easy to navigate. Just a few categories will suffice and they will tell the reader quickly what your blog is all about. Remember subcategories are always available for extra information you’d like to share.
  • Avoid a bunch of extras. The blog design is there to simply complement your content. Things running all over the place is a thing of the 90s. Minimalist designs are the ones currently trending as they focus more on what you have to offer. The design should never be a distraction from the services you offer.


Although you want to portrait a professional image, most people are tired of that stereotypical photo of a bunch of employees wearing suits and ready to take your credit card. Be unique and be you. Opt for a custom photo that will add that personal touch your site so desperately needs. This way you will show that normal people performing real tasks  work at your firm. Clients will feel at ease and more confident to allow you handle their case.

Great design is worth paying and waiting for

When you hire professionals to design your blog you will see the benefits almost immediately. Be respectful to the designs and be open for advice. At Webslaw we make sure your blog is built using the latest design trends. There will be some preliminary questions asked about what you would like on your blog and your site as a whole. However, you are always in charge and your feedback is always appreciated!