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Logo Design

Although your logos may look like the smallest and most insignificant piece of art, it’s actually one of the most important elements of your website. It’s an essential feature to represent your firm. Having a recognizable logo can compliment your web presence and help people spot you easily when searching for an attorney in your area.

How your logo can enhance the look of your site

Your logo has the colors and symbols you pick to represent your firm. In other words, it speaks of you and the services you offer in  a very personal way. There is always a story behind every logo. However, some of them may be as simple as the business owner’s initials and favorite colors. Sometimes the logos dictates the color palette of your website. The designers may choose to compliment the color scheme or build the site with contrasting colors.

A logo redesign

Perhaps your logo has been used for many years and it’s time for a redesign. When creating a new site a few tweaks may be needed in order for the logo to fit better into the new project. Updating a logo can be somewhat tricky. You run the risk of driving away old clients but you may also attract new ones. Logos can reflect a positive change in company values therefore your website may benefit from an update as well.

Making your logos visible

The location of the logo is a very important part of design. Although logos are conventionally placed on the left, some designs may need it on the right. Why is this? People generally read from left to right except in countries that read right-to-left, therefore the left may be the most ideal position. Minimalists tend to like the center. When in doubt, designers will suggest what’s the best layout for that particular project.

You can link your logos

Oftentimes, clients like to use their logos  as a giant link to the home page. In other words, you click on it and it’ll take you right back to where it all started. This can come in handy to users, specially those navigating the site for the first time. Your logos should be on every page and easily recognized as it’s the central design element of your site.

Your logo empowers  your online and offline presence

The logo is a valuable marketing tool for your site. It doesn’t matter what banner ads or links you are creating, using your logo adds  cohesiveness that makes your brand stand out. Although not all your marketing material will look the same, it’s important you keep consistency and your logo helps you do just that. Your logo helps clients feel stability when they spot you and increases the chances of clients contacting you.