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Media Marketing


Our video team consists of script and screenwriters with director and production experience in the legal industry. Our team will develop a script geared towards your practice areas and firm interests. Writing a script is something that takes time and effort as well as skill. Our results will prove the highest of results and success for your firm.


There is nothing that can ruin or sink the performance of video quicker then audio quality problems. Our video team at Webslaw know this better than most. Sound is a powerful tool for the story of your law firm and experience and is very impactful. Planning sound in detail is very important. Sound includes many different elements and normally is built out in layers.

Video Design

Your firm has been in the arena for years with experience locked in and ready but there is no way for the customer to know this until there initial consultation. They haven’t had a chance to really find out who you specifically are. The based content on your website is one dimensional whereas video is a triple impacted hit on the reaction you obtain from a visiting customer. Not only can people hear you, they can read whatever it is you’re offering them. They can also see your body language, eyes, smiles, laughs and every other reaction you provide. This is where you and your customer meet for the first time and it should explain why video design is so important for Webslaw and your firm.

Video Optimization

Normally a video crew appears once to make, edit and launch your initial firm video but with Webslaw we’ve switched things around a bit. We figured, a homepage video is great but why not release videos on platforms on a quarterly basis? Our trained and respectful video team will take 1-2 hours out of your practice time every quarter to generate several videos at a time. It’s quite simple. All you have to do is answer questions you normally answer on a daily basis and our team will have it all on camera every quarter. Webslaw will then take your footage and optimize is to target your expected customers.